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The Italian Doula 

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Sara Benetti

The Italian Doula

I am a birth doula based in Coleraine, on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. Mum to two children and a scientist by training, both roles contribute to my work as a doula. I am a recognised doula, member of Doula UK, and abide by their code of conduct.


I first came to know about doulas in 2007 when expecting my first child and I thought doulas could be a great support for parents. Doula is a word with Greek origins meaning “a woman who serves”. Today, doula refers to a trained professional who will provide the emotional, physical and informational support before, during and after childbirth. Research shows that women need fewer medical interventions when they have a doula by their side.

Since October 2014, I support women and families as a doula on a part-time basis, during home births, births in MLUs, caesarean births, VBACs, inductions, breech, twin and triplet births. Some of my clients have specific health and personal circumstances and they believed in having a doula as an additional support person they were familiar with and comfortable around. I help my clients achieve what is best for them and their babies.


As part of the Doulas of Northern Ireland collective, I work alongside other doulas who can offer additional support and shared-care options to my clients.


On my Facebook page one can find lots of information about all things birth.



You can contact me for pricing and to discuss your personal circumstances and wishes


NI local 

Doula support


An initial free no-obligation consultation is the chance to meet me and see if we can get along, to discuss any concerns about pregnancy and birth and to address any questions about my role as a doula.


The standard birth package includes a minimum of 3 face-to-face meetings (normally two before the birth and one after), support by phone/message from the time of booking to 6 weeks after birth, and unlimited support during labour and birth.


During the antenatal sessions we discuss birth preferences, the physiology of labour and birth, approaches to labour and what happens afterwards once baby is here. The aim is to give a woman and her birth partner the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions and choices. I am also happy to attend midwife or consultant appointments if someone feels the need for additional support. Throughout the period on call (from 38 weeks of pregnancy or earlier if required by circumstances), I also provide emotional support and additional information by email, message and phone as needed. When labour starts a woman can call me at any time to attend and support her and her family. I will remain with them throughout labour if they so wish or I can come and go as it suits their needs. After the birth I will remain for a few hour postpartum until everyone is settled and content. The post-natal visit will be a chance to chat about the birth and to discuss the first few days/weeks with a new baby and any concerns the parents may have.

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Water Birth

Free meetings and extra 

Additional services 

I offer birth doula support in the Northern, Belfast and Western HSC Trusts (Altnagelvin, Causeway, Antrim, Mater, Royal Victoria, and Ulster hospitals; and home births).


Additional Services

  • 3 Step Rewind process to help overcome any trauma or distressing feeling related to previous experiences (birth but not only!).

  • Birth preparation sessions (both in person and online) to help you navigate through information and your wishes.

  • Virtual doula (for those wanting personalised, one-to-one support to prepare for the birth but are too far away to do so in person).

  • Last-minute doula, if you really need a birth partner at the last moment.

  • Free support for women going through a miscarriage or stillbirth.

  • Rental of equipment to make your birth more comfortable (TENS machine, CUB birthing stool and birthing pool).

  • Free monthly meetings as part of the Positive Birth Movement – North Coast NI group.


Free support available under the DUK Doula Access Fund

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