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Pregnancy Yoga & Essential oils   

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About Jai 

I am a Level 3 Forrest yoga teacher, trained in Forrest, Vinyassa, Ashtanga, pre and post natal, kids yoga, and trauma sensitive yoga. I have been practicing for the past 16 years and teaching for the past 6 years. I LOVE what I do. I am also an Essential Oils Coach and Aromatherapist and love helping mothers empower themselves to a more natural approach to health care for their families.

Most importantly I am full time mum to my beautiful little boy, Frank, who is 14 months.


I had a very blessed labour without any complications. It was drug free and a very calm experience except for one F bomb J for which I immediately apologised for.

I was very blessed that my midwife was very spiritually guided and therefore allowed me space to move and express myself as I needed. I spent 2 minutes on my back which was the most painful 2 minutes of the whole labour. My body needed to be squatting, in shower position in the shower with hot water running over my back or in the birthing pool in squat position.

I believe my positive birthing experience is the result of yoga, pranayama (Breathing techniques) and Essential oil support.


I now feel called to educate others on how to safely use the techniques and resources I used to through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Pregnancy, Labour and beyond


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. It is joyful, it is challenging, it takes you to the highest highs and the lowest lows often within minutes of each other. It will be the most intense journey of one’s life which will alter a women’s way of being in ways that words cannot explain. 

It is a journey of transformation – Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.


My goal is to help women prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually for pregnancy, birth and beyond and to provide support through the transition to motherhood.


I focus and teach based on the

BEST technique




Tension Release 

Breathe – My main focus is to teach techniques to release the tension in the ribcage. We are chronically bad breathers and therefore many of us have very tight ribcages. This limits the space available for baby and thus more pressure is forced down onto the pelvic area. If we can release the ribcage, we can lessen the risk of back pain, pelvic pain and pelvic floor issues during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

I will show you oils to assist breathing techniques taught during the class. This can be taken into the labour ward for use during birth. It is good practice to anchor a smell outside of the ward that can bring you back into focus during the magnitude of feelings you experience through labour.

Empowerment – Are you aware that lying on your back to give birth actually decreases the space in the vagina by up to half an inch? Half an inch when you are giving birth is huge. My aim is to help you feel into your body and LISTEN to your own body so that during labour you feel confident to move into positions that feel best for you and your baby. 
I will educate on different essential oils that support the feelings of courage required through this transformational journey.

Jai Hunter
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Pregnancy Yoga 



Softening – Hardening against the process of labour will add to the pain. Hardening against the transition to motherhood after labour can lead to depression and resentment. My goal is to offer you the support you need to allow you the space to soften. When you practice softening, you can respond to the challenges faced with courage and strength.


You also learn thought this training the art of letting go and leaning in – both are great skills to practice when becoming a mother.

The importance of education on essential oils is vital through your pregnancy, and how; 

a selected few can safely assist relaxation during labour and beyond will be given throughout the class and courses.


Tension Release - For the body to do what it must do during labour, a woman needs to let go, relax and learn not to fight the process. I will teach techniques that allow a woman to open gently without force to reduce the chance of tearing.

During class I will teach techniques to unite the feet, legs and core because when these are working harmoniously and supporting the entire body it allows the tension to dissipate form the muscles that need to relax.


The combined focus on the four areas above will help improve digestion, reduce achy backs, joints and muscles, experience more ease in labour, improve post-partum recovery, and create a deeper, stronger bond with baby.

Pregnancy self care

Jai Hunter

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