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Children's Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness 

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About Sarah 

Hello and welcome to Be Calm Kids NI. I'm Sarah, a qualified primary school teacher and lover of meditation, mindfulness and most of all calm.


As a substitute teacher teaching in lots of primary schools throughout Northern Ireland, I have noticed one fundamental thing - the real need for calmness in children.


So, I decided to start my own children's wellbeing business to do just that - spread calmness to our children through the use of deep breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness.


Sarah Hogg

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Benefits for kids 

Studies have shown that children can benefit in the following ways:

  • become calmer;

  • Improvement in self esteem and confidence;

  • Improvement in focus and concentration, and

  • increased happiness.

Imagine how different our world would be if everyone was taught from a young age how to: use their breathing to obtain and remain calm; meditate and be mindful. :) <3


Along the way, I have also discovered that our teenagers and adults are also in the need for calmness, so I also run teenager and adult relaxation classes which can be on a one-to-one basic or in a group.


Happy Children


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I have seen a real and vital need for our children to learn how to be more calm, relaxed, stress free, happier and confident in their own skin.

I decided to train in Mini Me Yoga and I have never looked back! These unique kid’s classes introduce children to the concepts of positive thinking, deep breathing, yoga, meditation and mindfulness through fun games and joyful activities.

In my classes children will learn techniques and life skills including:

  • positive thinking and affirmations;

  • deep breathing and relaxation;

  • meditation and mindfulness techniques, and

  • yoga poses.

I am so passionate about my kid’s classes and believe the techniques taught can result in children becoming:

  • much calmer and having a more relaxed outlook of life;

  • more confident and achieving improved self-esteem;

  • more focused and better concentration;

  • much happier

  • more flexible, and

  • much healthier.

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For more information about Mini Me Yoga Kid's Classes please contact Sarah on:

Tel: 07746223186;

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