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Midwifery Led Holistic services 

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Kirsty Deal

I began my career in midwifery over 30 years ago. My experiences in the early years were very much high dependency situations were women had little choice or options regarding their birthing experience. I became a continuity of carer midwife in London. It was then my practice, and my attitude started to change. I met some fantastic families who, in those days, were thinking outside the box ie home births , water births, homeopathy, baby massage, aromatherapy, massage, antenatal classes that catered for the individual and their families, who wanted as much information as we could give them. They started to look up information on the ‘internet’ and come to the clinic loaded with questions about what they had read( hard to believe now as really I AM NOT THAT OLD!!)

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Birthing Centre

Midwife Holistic Therapist

I love being with women when they are having their babies. I have always worked towards having lots of skills that would assist a woman and her family throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

I started with gaining my diploma in massage and then pregnancy massage. That was followed by baby massage.

My midwifery career continued, however my holistic learning took a back seat as we started our own family. At 36 weeks pregnant with our first we moved back to the North Coast from London. I came home requesting a water birth at home and had a very detailed birth plan. I was met with ‘WHO IS THIS WOMAN?!?’ That was 17 years ago. Now, women are encouraged to consider their pregnancy and births, and to look at their options.

Following the birth of our first child I developed postnatal depression. It taught me the importance of peer support and self care.

As my children grew a bit more independent, I decided to readdress my passion for supporting women and their families with holistic therapies.

I obtained my diploma in hypnobirthing, then aromatherapy in labour and aromatouch.

I have added aquanatal, reflexology and a fantastic programme called The Children’s Reflexology Programme which teaches parents/caregivers reflexology techniques designed to empower parents and carers combining positive bonding with the healing qualities of reflexology.

I also offer antenatal, intranatal and postnatal classes where you will be guided through all your questions and much more. In a nutshell, my aim is to empower and support families from a holistic perspective and bringing parents together who in turn can support each other.

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Alternative Therapies 


The Children’s Reflexology Programme


Parent craft/ preparing for birth

Baby massage


Aromatherapy in labour


Also non pregnancy related:




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